Friday, 19 May 2017

Popular Wiccan Spell

Popular Wiccan Spell

Become Popular Wiccan Spell 
I would do some serious soul-searching before doing this spell because some things you wish for aren’t what you thought they were cracked to be. This can work in so many ways so think carefully. You just need a brown candle, attraction oil, a charged crystal (rose for love/attraction, citrine for money/abundance ) a dry erase board and marker (I got mine from the dollar store!) and a mirror.

Some people can do spells without magickal tools but I feel that we evolved from being primitive apes through the use of tools. Some of us, me included, still have that connection to our ancestors who lived on and from the land. Tools help us feel the energy to be able to manipulate it. So use the tools that you have and make this spell work.

Write an affirmation about your new life as a popular person. Remember to stay away from vain and narcissistic requests. Example: I am so happy that I always have someone to sit with at lunch. I am so happy that we hang out together and are real friends. I am so happy that I am healthy and able to wear all the stylish clothes. I am so happy that my YouTube channel is popular and for my 1k subscribers! Thank you Goddess!

How I became herbalist
I was born to a father with a lot of land and animals so I didn’t think about going to school. I don’t regret that – I still learned counting and other useful things. I had an elder sister and five brothers. My sister and one brother have passed away. Three of my brothers went to other places to look for more land and one is still around.

I learned African traditional herbal remedy from my father like my father learned it from his father and he also from his father. It’s a long history. My father taught my brother, his oldest son. It is a tradition that the youngest or oldest son is taught, not the children in between. But my elder brother passed away, so my father started to teach me when I was 10 years old because my aunt saw the special talent in me.
My dad took me to the forest often to learn. Ten times we went there together, and he taught me everything about plants and herbs. He told me which herbs are used for which diseases. After that he made a small cut in my arm with his knife, smeared the wound with herbs and said: “Now you are ready to go by yourself to the forest”. This empowers me to collect herbs and plants by myself. Making small cuts into people’s skin is still part of my healing treatments, it heals diseases or decreases pain.

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